The goal of a practicum experience at Compass Health is to provide qualified students with supported, supervised experience in direct patient care in an outpatient community mental health setting. Specific training opportunities are unique to each trainee and customizable to their competency level. You will be assigned an individual supervisor for clinical supervision, which provides opportunities for discussion of client care, treatment modalities and progress, psychological assessment, and overall professional growth. Supplemental supervision may be provided by a pre-doctoral intern or Resident depending upon availability. A Master’s degree is strongly preferred, and the student must be enrolled in an APA accredited program in clinical, counseling, or school psychology. If you are interested in pursuing a practicum placement with Compass Health, please see the application process below:


  • Students must download and complete the Compass Student Application
  • Email the following to
    1. Student Application
    2. Curriculum Vitae
    3. Practicum description as provided by the school, if applicable. This document should outline expectations, goals, number of hours required, agency/field site requirements.

Our training staff will then determine availability and connection with an appropriate supervisor to match your program requirements and learning needs. Once a match is found, you will be advised of that opportunity, and additional paperwork will be required to facilitate program entry. You will also be notified in a timely manner if a match is unavailable, so that you are able pursue opportunities with alternative organizations.

Pre-doctoral Internship

Our APA-accredited pre-doctoral internship program is offered in collaboration with the National Psychology Training Consortium (NPTC). Our interns provide direct patient care in an outpatient community mental health, integrated primary care, and/or acute psychiatric setting. Interns are assigned two primary supervisors and receive extensive supervision over the course of the internship year. Interns are able to conduct psychological testing as well as therapy with clients across the lifespan with widely variable presentations. basis.  NPTC also provides regular didactic seminars on a variety of topics, with a blend of virtual and in-person instruction. Information about our internship training opportunities can be found on this website under the Placement Opportunities tab, as well as on NPTC’s website: However, we do not accept internship applications directly, as they must be submitted as a part of the formal APPIC Match process. Specific information about the application process can be found at:, as we are not listed independently through APPIC but instead as a “track” of the National Psychology Training Consortium – Central Region. Further questions about NPTC can be directed to Katherine Dixon, NPTC’s Director of Operations, at Further questions about internship experiences unique to Compass Health can be directed to the Director of Clinical Training, Dr. Melissa Webb, at

Post-doctoral Residency

Although a year-long residency is no longer required in the state of Missouri for the licensure of psychologists, many students prefer to complete one to ensure a smooth transition to another state that does require a residency in the future. Compass Health Network is invested in the development of future psychologists, and as such offers one year of supervision to those students with a doctorate in psychology but without full licensure. However, as it is not required for licensure, our post-doctoral residency program is not accredited.  Residents at Compass Health function as supervised psychologists with elements of training throughout their week balanced with direct client care to their competency level. This includes individual, group, and family therapy and psychological testing. Engagement is also expected in activities such as clinical staffing meetings, supervision, timely documentation, and work with interdisciplinary teams. All clinical work is supervised by a licensed psychologist. Applicants must be eligible for a Provisional Psychologist License (PLP) in the state of Missouri. If you are interested in pursuing a Residency position with Compass Health, please see the application process below:

  • Employment Application 
  • Curriculum Vitae