St. Charles

Leadership Team

Dr. John Dandurand

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Dandurand's Bio

About the Area

St. Charles is in St. Charles County and is one of the best places to live in Missouri.  Living in St. Charles offers residents a dense suburban feel.  Situated on the Missouri River, St. Charles is a northwestern suburb of St. Louis.  St. Charles the ninth-largest city in Missouri. Over 65,000 people call St. Charles their home. The City of St. Charles is the headquarters for Aspect, Our365, RX System, NewCo Enterprises, Patriot Machine, and Client Services and is home to the regional offices of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Sysco, and American Freightways.

Core Outpatient Experiences

  1. Individual and family therapy across the lifespan
  2. Psychological assessment with clients across the lifespan, with an emphasis on diagnostic clarification

Additional Training Opportunities

  1. ACT-TAY (Assertive Community Treatment for Transition-Age Youth program
  2. Headway Wellbeing Center